People-tech was founded by Saq Hussain and is a business that specialises in a range of pension and wellbeing services. Our core purpose is to use technology to help improve the support and help employers can offer their employees.

Our core services are:

  • DC pensions
  • Financial wellbeing and education
  • Technology
  • Communications

DC Pensions

There are over 50,000 defined contribution (DC) pension schemes in the UK.

Most employers have at least 90% of their staff in a pension arrangement and are now beginning to recognise the importance 2 things:

1 – that their pension scheme and design is aligned to their corporate goals

2 – there is an appropriate governance framework overseeing the scheme to ensure that it delivers value for money and that their pension provider is doing a good job


At People-tech we specialise in helping employers design and communicate pension schemes.   We have over 20 years of experience in helping employers look at their objectives and design pension schemes that look to deliver these goals. This could be through making sure the pension contributions are sufficient to help employees retire or making sure the investment options are right for the profile of pension scheme members.


With over 20 years experience of designing and managing DC governance frameworks, we can help employers of all sizes put in place a framework that is right for the size of their scheme.

Our support ranges from helping design the framework, in terms of setting up a pension committee and deciding what is being governed, through to monitoring the performance of your pension provider.


Financial Wellbeing

Financialeducation.co.uk is one of the People-tech brands.

Our financial education services are designed to help employers improve the financial wellbeing of their employees.  We do this is in a unique way by using a technology that we have developed, which helps people get a personalised financial wellbeing score. This is then followed up with individual and actionable advice.

Alongside our technology, we also have financial education services, which are aimed at helping people improve their knowledge and understanding of everyday financial issues.  The purpose is to help people make better and more informed decisions.


Our belief is that we can use technology to help deliver better outcomes for people.  With this in mind, we have a crack team of technologists that are able to help with the design and build of…….


Chatbots are increasingly being used to engage and communicate messages to employees and pension scheme members.

We are able to build bots that are able to answer the most complex of questions.

Please get in touch for examples of what we can do.


Pension scheme members want their employer to provide access to a website where they can find information on the company pension and benefits.  This is often separate from the website a pension provider might offer, which in reality is often too generic.

Our team are able to build engaging and responsive websites that will definitely give you the wow factor.    

Our brands

HelpandAdvice.co.uk is our consumer facing website, which provides guidance on a range of financial and legal topics.   The aim of the site is to provide comprehensive answers to questions that people may have.

With over 1m visitors per year, the site is increasingly becoming a trusted resource for people looking for answers. 

With the shocking increase in the number of people being scammed out of their pension, we have developed a tool that can help provide people with an idea as to whether or not they are about to be scammed out of their pension.

This tool has been designed for both pension schemes and for employers to make available to their employees. 

Financial education.co.uk is the brand under which we deliver our financial wellbeing and education services.   We are able to deliver this directly or through our white-labelled technology services.

Please visit the site to learn more about what we do and see how we can help improve the wellbeing of your workforce.


Get in touch and see if we can help

We’d love to have a chat and see if we can help you with any of the services above. Please do get in touch.

You can either call us on 0333 567 1615 or email at [email protected]